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Referees (Officials): The official protects the players and enforces the rules.  The referee officiates the game and is on the field with the players.  The referee keeps the offical time.  The assistant referees each patrol one half of the field, from opposite sidelines.  Their job is to provide assistance to the referee only.  ARs as they are called, use a flag to signal to the referee and to the players when the ball is out of bounds, when a player is potentially offside, or they have seen a foul committed.  The referee makes the final determination whether or not to blow the whistle.

A referee shall be assigned by the Director of Competition to officiate each match with the authority assigned to him/her as defined in Laws of the Game (FIFA).

The referee shall at all times put great emphasis on the welfare of the players and officiate each match in a manner inducing clean competition and sportsmanship. The referee is empowered to end any match if in his/her opinion players, parents, or coaches are not conducting themselves according to the NCenYSA, WSYSA or FIFA rules.

For Referees

Referee Meetings will be the third Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm at Omak City Hall.    The Director of Competition who is in charge of the referees is Emily Hale contact her at grasspants@yahoo.com.  We are in need of referees of all ages. If interested please contact Emily Hale.

The NEW REFEREE CERTIFICATION CLINIC at Omak High School.   You will need to pre-register and take the online modules atwareferees.org.  The $80 fee will need to be paid in advance and you will be reimbursed after the clinic.  Re-certifications will also be able to attend from 8 am to noon for their re-certification hours.